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Odyssey Private Aged Care combines the very best of a retirement resort with first-class on-site care and support services.

It’s total choice, freedom and flexibility coupled with service that feels like a high-end hotel.

Odyssey Private Aged Care
Odyssey Health Group

Aged Care
Robina, Gold Coast, QLD

Odyssey Private Aged Care

The Approach.

Aged Care living has for too long been mediocre in it’s offering to elderly Australian’s. Odyssey Private Aged Care’s Directors are, thankfully, passionate about changing this. We love working with people who share the same morals and convictions we do so it was a pleasure to pour our energy into establishing a brand that reflects a new era of aged care living that puts residents and quality of life first, every time, without compromise.

The Odyssey approach is personal and has a story to tell. In developing the logo mark we took this literally with a hand written script that personifies the hands on approach of the team behind the company.

Odyssey Private Aged Care
Odyssey Private Aged Care
Odyssey Private Aged Care

A story to tell.

The journey of Odyssey’s Directors is at the heart of the brand story and guides all that we do. Telling their story and communicating their values creates a space that the brand owns.

Visually, the brand settles in a space that earns trust and promises a quality of life that we can all aspire to as we age.

Odyssey Private Aged Care
Odyssey Private Aged Care

Odyssey Private Aged Care

The things we did.

  • Concepts & Ideation
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Photography & Video

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